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      Seated above the Franconia Notch gateway to northern New Hampshire is The Old Man of the mountain.  This awe-inspiring monument has gazed to the east for over 2000 years.  The old man is an illusion created by 5 ledges of Conway red granite from the cliff.  It is a massive 40 ft. high and 25 ft. wide perched 1200 ft. above Profile Lake. 

      Daniel Webster said, “Men hang out their signs indicative of their respective trades, shoe makers hang out a gigantic shoe, jewelers a monster watch, and the dentist hangs out a gold tooth,  but up in the Mountains of New Hampshire, God Almighty has hung out a sign to show that there he makes men."  New Hampshire embraced this colossal profile and made it their state emblem in 1945.  Now 58 years later its reign as the image of The Granite State and most recognized natural profile of New England has come to an end.  On May 3 Mother Nature handed the old man his pink slip.  After 1000’s of years of standing strong through the rough winters of the northeast, he finally gave in.  Governor Craig Benson has already said that the profile should be restored while others have suggested that pieces of the face should be sold to collectors.  No matter what will happen with his remains it will never be looked upon in the same way.  The Old Man was loved and respected by many and will be greatly missed.

      Recently Strange New England (SNE) had just been working on bringing the many other rock faces of New England to the publics attention.  Very few people realize that many small towns and counties in our region contain their own natural stone profiles and monuments.  The earlier settlers while traversing the woodlands in their area first discovered them.   Quickly they became a novelty for people all around.  Realizing the economic potential, the local government began to advertise their curios of stone on post cards, maps and pamphlets.  It became a battle to see who had the more impressive natural wonders to attract tourists.  In the end New Hampshire’s Old Man was the winner.  As time went on and new forms of recreation came about many of the other faces vanished into the landscape.  The outdoors was no longer a popular attraction for travelers.   Amusement park, museums and water slides became the highlight of a holiday.

      Now with the down fall of New Hampshire’s Old Man its time to get familiar with all of the old candidates and see who comes on top this time.  Hidden within the 6 New England states there are over 55 rock profiles.  Some are very impressive and easy to notice.  Others make you wonder what idiot ever saw a face in that slab of rock.  In each issue over the next year, we will take the time to show a few of the candidate.   Photos, a bit of its history of the site, if any,  its dimension and directions to the site will be provided.  At the end of a year, SNE will review all of the candidates and leave it to you the readers to chose New England’s NEW premiere rock profile.  Don’t look at this as an election to  replace the old man but to give another one of New England’s great landmarks a chance to enjoy the spotlight.

~Strange NE




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